The magic of Central America

From Belize in the Caribbean with its white sand beaches and the famous Barrier Reef, to Guatemala with its rich Mayan legacy and live culture. Honduras with unspoiled treasures in the Bay Islands and mystical Copán. We cannot overlook El Salvador, the smallest country in the region, rich in natural beauty, from the colonial city of Suchitoto, its volcanoes and world class surfing on the beaches of the Pacific Coast. Nicaragua, perhaps the least explored, with a rich green tropical land of mountains and volcanoes, lakes and broad sun swept beaches. Costa Rica, natural paradise, with dreamy beaches on the Pacific and Caribbean, huge natural reserves and plenty of adventure.  Panama, with abundance of flora and fauna, white sand beaches on hundreds of islands and the Panama Canal.

some facts...

-18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
-No spot in Central America more than 200kms from the ocean
Biodiversity hotspot (home to 7% of the world’s total biodiversity)
-Incredibly volcanic region
-Over 60 languages spoken
-Over 40 different native indigenous ethnias
-Punta music originated in the Caribbean coastal regions inhabited by the Garifuna people
-Guatemala is the way the Spanish used to say Quauhtlemalan, which means “place of many trees” in the Nahuatl language.

7 Destinations

In Central America, there’s enough and more for any traveler with any type of demands and interests…