Specialized in incentive travel

Combining the natural and cultural wealth that Guatemala possesses, unique and innovative experiences are offered, designed to satisfy the special requirements of each group.

A highly qualified and creative team of professionals develop the program and take care of every detail to make your incentive trip to Guatemala a unique and unforgettable experience!

Pioneers coordinating unique activities

Candlelight Gala dinners in a colonial convent of Antigua, featuring Classical Chamber Music and fireworks

Gala dinners at the National Palace of Culture and Gala Themed Dinners at the best hotels in Guatemala

4 x 4 Safaris in the Petén jungles, exploring hidden archaeological sites

Camping in remote areas of Petén (all amenities such as toilets, showers, gourmet food buffet, hammocks designed for the occasion and special folk shows are provided)

A wide variety of entertainment options and performances: the Folkloric Ballet; Folkloric Dances with historical importance; Marimba, Tropical, Jazz, etc. live music; Mayan Ceremonies and much more

Special catering on private coffee farms, with marimba music, traditional dances and piñatas

Special grills at Playa Blanca, our private beach in the Caribbean Sea, with Garifuna music and dances

Special catering atop an active volcano or on the grounds of archaeological sites

Personalized gifts for your customers, such as bags, shirts, jade jewelry, handicrafts specially designed for the occasion, etc.

Exhibition of your brand in the host hotels, in the transport used, on fences, fireworks and sawdust carpets

Traditional town fairs, including games, typical food and shows